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Infinite Inspiration

Posted in Life, Past, Present with tags , , , , , , , on December 5, 2010 by Shea Atkin

Back towards the sun

Searching for the key that fits

Already in hand

But not ready for use


Allowing the vastness to speak loud and clear

With a faint whisper


In awe of the brilliance ahead, and within arms reach

Selective charisma untainted by noise

Profoundness simplified


Energy ignited by subtleties

Impressive expansion untouched by the masses

Breathing in air that has already been created

Although enjoying it for the first time


Beauty revealed in raw form–entrenched in the surreal quietness

Almost deafening to a cluttered soul

Holiness reinvented to the intended form

Acceptance of the natural state of creation


Living momentarily in eternity

On the boundary between past and future

Just being