Monotonous confessions swirling in the vortex of emotion
Clawing up to the surface to breathe in what is necessary and let go of filler

Survival tactics called upon when threatened
And faced with the illusion of decision

Choice is fleeting

Fabrications of elemental constructs block the purpose of original intent
Flippantly discarding what could essentially tear down the walls that were established involuntarily
Or possibly voluntarily
Whichever it is doesn’t matter
Either way
A wall
Is a wall

Irony permeates the moral fabric
As the wreckage starts to slip away
Leaving an open expansion
That can be interpreted
As Desolation
Or Freedom

Perception is the only reality.


2 Responses to “Illusions”

  1. unclerave Says:

    I like this! You should edit it, and add Tags and Categories, to get it more noticed. I suggest things like “Poetry”, “Illusion”, “Perception”, “Irony” and “moral fabric”. I’m linking this to a post of mine today. Hopefully, you’ll get some more visitors. — YUR

    • Thank you! I have NO idea how to work WordPress, I just post what I write. I need all the help I can get with computer stuff:) Your kindness is much appreciated. Xo

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