Where It’s At

Vacillating between the extremes of too much
And not enough
Inevitably leaves room to feel
Like the middle is incorrect

The elusive search for balance
Continues to remind me
That everything is
Exactly as it should be
No matter what feelings are attached

As the quest for knowledge increases inside
The outside initially fights
But concedes to the flow
That is already occurring

Constantly trying to fight the current
By swimming upstream
Hardly feels natural, now

Each day
I wake up
And know
That it will be vaguely specific

The big picture
Materializes in details

So here I sit
At the park
Writing this
To ease the unease
Of what was originally meant to be simple

I breathe in
And am reminded
Of how thankful I am for the air
Even though I never asked for it


One Response to “Where It’s At”

  1. the last four lines say it all for me. i am taking this as my lesson today, what i need to think on.

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