Anticipating the progression of the end
Floating past the beginning into the journey
Trying to feel the space fully, for some sort of closure or answer
I don’t know what I’m looking for but I’m sure you will give me all I need in that

I’m learning, experiencing, trying, waiting, listening
Sitting with “it”
Uncomfortable, but ok with that
The deeper knowing makes sense at my core

The feelings will pass
They always do
But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, this life as I know it

This journey fearlessly into the unknown vast expansion of the soul
The sadness that is necessary for joy
The enlightenment that comes through pain
The creativity that overflows after a drought

Aware of the unawareness that is present so many times when myself gets in the way
Synchronicity vanishes when ego arrives

Holding onto the illusive is a recipe for insanity
Serendipity expected when aligned with the source

Simple linguistic nuances more profound than eloquent speech that waters down the true meaning
Hiding behind the words are the hidden meanings unfiltered by context

Filling the spaces with what really matters
Which sometimes means with nothing
The absence of

Fueled from deep within is the product that is evident and created out of nothing
By myself
I sit
But not alone
Never alone

A fearless wanderer in the devout pursuit and expectation of truth


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