A Work In Progress

Accessing that place that was avoided for so long
Cultivating the soil that was easier to leave alone
Undisturbed to the point of death
Life only comes to the living

Simple paradigm shift causing the most drastic tsunami of the soul
As it washes away the debris
Accumulated by stagnation and indifference

Placing value on the process
Rather than the symptom
That presented itself as a chain reaction

Looking and seeing
Past the emotion
That often clouds an unobstructed view

Breathing in and out
While cognizant
Of the tiny space
That separates the two
Aware of the fluidity of said space

Deconstructing the tiny fragments
So eventually
They will fit together
As a whole


One Response to “A Work In Progress”

  1. i really like how this leaves me with a sense of hope… aren’t we all, ultimately, works in progress? *smiles.* nice write.

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