Oh, The Plight.

The most awful thing to happen to a creative is the inability to create what we deem creative. This is the illusive Mecca that we try to arrive at, for self validation. To give the feelings a reason to exist if we can present them artistically–as if they are not acceptable if not colorfully conveyed.

This belief that perceived perfection is the ultimate goal is bullshit. In searching for myself, I find so much more. I stumble upon you–and in turn, I see me.

You always said that I took the scenic route instead of the clear path. That’s not such a bad thing. I’d much rather take the backroads than the interstate. If the point isn’t the destination, then I would much rather look at canopy roads and nature instead of semis and broken white lines. The space shared in this car with you is the fun part. I don’t know where we are going, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know where this is going–and I think that may be the answer I’ve been looking for.


One Response to “Oh, The Plight.”

  1. Exactly! This reminds me of “becoming is superior to being,” one of my favorite quotes. Now, to live by it as you’re doing. I love you, wise and wonderful Shea.

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