Futile attempts of control, result in prolonging the inevitable

Sinking into the reflection of that fine line between hope and reality

Unable to let go, until I do


Similar instances surface, just waiting for me to finally learn the lesson

Repeating the cycle


Wondering why the result stays the same


Necessity is a tricky concept

Leaving much room for interpretation–

But checked with the right motives, the answer is undeniable


Truth is only visible when we choose to see it


Learning how to ask the right questions is sometimes harder than hearing the answer

Resonating deep within, it comes from a peaceful place

Amidst the chaos

9 Responses to “Again.”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I Pressed This.

  2. I came over via Booguloo’s link here. This is very thought provoking–we all are on that cycle towards our enlightenment/freedom and it totally depends on the choices that we make. Your piece reminds me of one that I wrote not long ago along the same lines.

  3. You will always choose truth, although it can take awhile to get past all the muck and emotion to see it clearly. You are an inspiration, Shea, and I love you.

  4. Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  5. smart one, smiles.

    Happy Halloween,

    hope all is well, join poetry picnic today, loved your talent, amazing thoughts.

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