In them, but I am not them
Feelings are not reality

Sifting through the wreckage to find truth
Ignoring the answer that I don’t want to hear
Processing the pain at a decibel too loud for concentration
The silence is far too loud today

Existence is grief, in this moment
But this moment will turn into the next as soon as I blink

Insight only benefits those who care to act

My rising up is evolving from complete destruction
Unable to edit the heart
Secure in my insecurity

I stand alone with many surrounding, but willingness is up to me to decide

Pride and ego have no home here
The paradox is that life comes from death


One Response to “Pieces”

  1. “Unable to edit the heart” is one fantastic realization and this is one eloquent post. I wish pain weren’t necessary, but it sure seems to be. You will get through it all and continue to be the amazing person you are–constantly evolving and healing. Thanks for sharing.

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