Human, Being

Reflecting on the past year– Amazed at all that has happened, even though a lot of it was spent in silence, just sitting with what ‘is’.

I love that when things get uncomfortable–I don’t run away anymore.

I’m thankful for the small things like a genuine smile from a stranger or squirrels playing in the trees while I am in the backyard.

I love laying in my hammock while meditating and processing.

My love for writing and music has returned–although it comes from a different place now. Different is good.

My clients teach me something new every day. They don’t realize that they are actually the ones doing the work–I am just the vessel.

My friends and family have meant more to me this past year than I could ever express. It has nothing to do with what they “do”– it’s just who they are.

As I continue my externship with Trauma Touch Therapy, I am constantly humbled by the bravery of my case studies–and have so much faith in humanity. I can’t believe that I have been entrusted with such an incredible gift.

I will forever strive to be the change I wish to see in the world (Thanks, Gandhi)–and be open to change at all times–making sure I don’t hold onto anything too tightly.

I am forever grateful to still be alive–and as long as I live, I owe it to you, to be me.


3 Responses to “Human, Being”

  1. Sounds like things are going well for you!

  2. You are most definitely the change I wish to see in the world, Shea! You are a blessing to your friends and family and clients, and to many you have yet to meet. You have one exciting life ahead of you–and presently, despite the difficulty of change–and I can’t wait to see where your heart and brain take you. I love you.

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