The Source


Floating down the river

Letting the ships pass by

Aware of them–

But life, not contingent on their existence


Absorbing energy from the source

The only place that really matters

External instances mean little in comparison to the purpose


A constant flow washes over the soul

Allowing cleansing to sweep away the debris that accumulated


Symbolic manifestations of tangible occurences

Leading the way for an openness only made possible through pain

And the act of walking through it



Unsure of where this stream will lead

But trusting the source that allows me to stay above the water



7 Responses to “The Source”

  1. You ARE walking through it, completely. I learn from you every day. You are not fearless or superhuman, but you are the best of humanity. I love you.

  2. Nicely written with a wonderful outlook of hope.

    Hope you will check out one of my poems.

  3. the first stanza is outstanding,

    glad to see you in perfect and poetic shape, come join poets rally today.

  4. Really nice. I like how the tone is slightly dreamlike, almost stream-of-consciousness at points, but it is also very focused.

  5. hopeful words are always music to hear.

    keep up the excellence.

  6. first stanza seems like it’s describing a lucid dream. Brilliant writing

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