Guilt VS Conviction

I battle this constantly.  It’s the difference between moving forward and staying stagnant.  Guilt gets me nowhere.  Conviction, on the other hand, addresses a core issue and brings it to the surface the be recognized and dealt with.

Living in my head is where I get into trouble.  All of my character defects swim in circles, condemning and pointing fingers.  I’m truly my own worst enemy.  I have feelings of never being good enough and so on.  When I am able to pause when agitated and check my feeling with Scripture, I give it to God and let Him take control of the drivers seat.  I always default to doing life in my own strength.  Every day, I have to wake up and ask God to use me in spite of myself.  It’s so simple, but so very, very difficult.

Most of the time, when I am feeling out of control, I make pretty silly/stupid  decisions.  I’m acting out of the part of me that wants to stay stagnant, because it is easier and more comfortable.  True change requires hard work and determination to not stay in complacent misery.

Alone in my thoughts, I go crazy.  But there is one who can let me acknowledge them, and move on to a place of peace and serenity.  This is where I want  to be.  It’s not in my strength.  It’s in His.


6 Responses to “Guilt VS Conviction”

  1. Wheeeeew, this is good. I really liked the part when you said “living in my head is where I get in trouble.” That’s why it’s SO important to open up with others (that you trust) because it’s easy to make things up when it’s NOT there. This is good stuff. Thank you SO much for sharing.

  2. “Complacent misery” indeed! That’s so true and right. Hard to get out of it, for sure, and to be vigilant when that misery sneaks back in. I love you and you will make it just fine. You are inspiring to me, Shea, and no doubt to others. Keep up the struggle, as it’s so worth it.

  3. Oh we are so on the same wave length!


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