Recycled Vulnerability


Lying dormant for the right opportunity

Surfacing when emotionally available


Second thoughts materializing as the answer

Questioning logic while entertaining fantasy

Visceral reaction–sparked by letting go


Compromising trust with choice

Rarely saving reality a seat


Options infinitum


Nothing is new

All has been here before


Learning from the past

As I enjoy the present

I wait for the future

Which has already taken place


3 Responses to “Recycled Vulnerability”

  1. Just beautiful. Please save reality a seat now and then!

  2. the title is brilliant,

    how are you?

    it has been a while, missed you. hope to see you back.

    Share a free verse with poets rally week 41 today, awards will be assigned.

    Bless your talent.

    Visit me to link your work…

    • Hi Jingle!
      Life has been insane, haven’t been writing as much–but I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. Thanks for always being such a constant source of inspiration. Sending much love your way:)

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