Ignorance Amplified

With the seclusion of purpose.

Ideals confused with entitlement


Scavenged by predatory individualism

Singleness of purpose, distorted

Ficticious invasion of self fulfillment

Intrusive objectification of judgement


Lethargy invited by stagnant authority

Metaphorical facts laced with grandiosity–presented as desirable–intended for complacency

Selfishness disguised as affection while plagued with the guilt of inactivity


Subliminal possibility to claw to the side of understanding,

Yet saturated by ghosts of past darkness

Inferior only by choice


Corruption deactivated and then perpetuated

Following examples of mediocracy– while hoping for the opposite

Submerged in fear and drenched with judgement

Unable to look at both sides of the whole, unfortunately


Symbolism apparent with traces of longing

Tension exonerated then captured again–

Only to wonder why this always happens.


2 Responses to “Ignorance Amplified”

  1. “Inferior only by choice” is a beautiful and powerful turn of phrase. You will never (again) choose it, I know.

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