The Wall

Deconstructing figments of imagination

Impenetrable only due to faulty perception


Going back to the origin of establishment

Questioning the foundation

And the components used in making its existence


Natural elements

Beautifully flawed

All combined to create

The ultimate barrier of architectural perfection


Rooted in truth and lies

Flowing through the structure

To evoke

Ambivalence  and destruction–

All at the predetermined time


A sturdy integration

Of separate yet equal parts

Each vital for survival of the whole


Keeping out

What possibly should be invited in


Peaceful visualization

Of life without the need for protection


Climbing to the top

Only to find

There is a long fall down to the bottom


Scratching the surface

Chipping away pieces–

Little by little

To eventually get to the place

I’ve been searching for

For so long


5 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. very lovely flow,
    Glad that you find the place you look for in the end,

    thanks for sharing.

  2. You are a brave poet, and you will chip away all that’s unnecessary/harmful and find all that is true. Your quest (for that’s what it is) is a noble one, and few humans can take the journey; fewer still can share it w/ others.

    I love you.

  3. I absolutely love this, I really like how we can relate to it in so many ways, we can see so many different perspectives. Great poem! The ending is superb, and very optimistic 🙂

  4. Thanks, deadpoet88!
    I read some of your stuff yesterday and completely connecting with you. Glad we found each other:) Looking forward to reading more

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