“Reject me if you wish, but selfishness lies in the heart of the accuser

Lie after lie makes this ordeal rather comical

Accusations start to become a joke to myself and everyone else in contact

You think I am strange, I find myself a stranger

The pieces of the puzzle should have been put together long before the detrimental outcome

Verbal phrases thrown, lie dormant and then rise up at the most inopportune of times to puncture my soul

Are you sure of this truth that you know or are these lies in disguise?

Temporary relief of anger causes a lifetime of regret

Apologies are not an option, so is solitude the answer?

Just push me away so your faults are non-existent.

Now who is the selfish one?

I blame not those who blame me

But simply ask a question, so the truth can be revealed.” -Shea 1998




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