Thinking of You

“Inspiration has taken hold

And I am enchanted with the memory of you.

Sitting outside

Smoking a cigarette

Brings back floods of emotion–

Of our past.

Contemplating the love

And the hate–

That we have experienced

Makes me have an overwhelming feeling of ecstacy.

You never left

Even though you were gone for a while.

The fact remains that your presence means more

than you could ever fathom.

You tend to give so much that it escapes your mind

You need to start receiving.

Experiencing you, is like riding in the dark on a roller coaster–

The rush of a lifetime

But no matter how much you like it

You still don’t know what is coming up right around the corner.

I would love to have you reach inside my heart

To feel what I am feeling

But I am convinced that you already know.” -Shea 2002


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